4 Tips to Finding an Aging Care Service for Your Loved One

When caring for an elderly parent is both emotionally and physically taxing for you, you should seek an aging care service provider to help assist you in any way possible. Get an approval from the Aged Care Assessment Team or ACAT (also known as ACAS in Victoria) to see if your loved one is eligible for a residential aged care facility before you search for care providers.

aging care
aging care

Once your parent is approved, then you may start seeking for a new home for them.

Here are tips on what to do when finding an aging care centre to ensure that your loved one is well taken care of.


You may need to go around and ask what opinions or experiences other families have had with a particular age care provider. Since there are few resources regarding consumer-driven evaluation to compare and praise or expose service providers, it is better to ask around. Personal recommendation is often more reliable than other types of reviews, anyway. When selecting a care facility, doing this is a smart approach.


When looking for a suitable aging care home. You should also take note of the staff ratio, as well as, the minimum skills level of the residential care workers. Through this manner, you can gauge whether your elderly parent will receive as much attention as required.

When a care home has poor staff-to-client ratios, then most likely the support workers will be exhausted from all the extra workload, which may lead to underperformance. This puts patients at a disadvantage.

It is also important that the team member assigned to your senior loved one is equipped with the skills essential to their care needs. For instance, if your parent has dementia, staff working with them must be skilled and knowledgeable on how to handle patients with the disorder.


To narrow down your choices further, you may want to consider what your elderly parent needs. An aged care residential service will either offer temporary respite or permanent care, depending on the medical and physical needs. This includes providing assistance to performing activities of daily living and providing meal schedules when necessary.

By doing this, you get to gauge which home care will meet all needs. Whether it is residential, palliative, or dementia, finding the right one will definitely provide you and your loved one the relief and support needed.


Know the staffing arrangement and physician availability to guarantee you of the utmost quality in health management. When you know that your parent is safe in aging care, you will experience the calmness and the peace of mind, giving you opportunities to focus on your life.

A good care facility offers not just physical and psychological healing, it also provides emotional and social support that is much-needed not just by the patient but also by the family. Moreover, it respects the individual’s rights, upholding respect for human dignity above all.

By taking these tips to heart, you will find it easy to find a residence for your loved one. Take, for example, Arcare aged care. With more than 40 years of senior care, this care residence has proven, through its residents, that this is truly a home away from home. To know more about their services, visit them online at https://arcare.com.au/

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